Boost Creativity: 10 Quiet Activities for Kids

Creativity is a thought process but to hear our thoughts, we need to turn off the noise and tune into what our mind can imagine. Being comfortable 10QuietActivitiesin the quiet needs to start in childhood. Here are 10 ways to help your kids enjoy being quiet.

10 Quiet Activities for Kids

  1. Building with Legos – Legos and other construction toy sets provide hours of quiet focused activity. While your child is deep in thoughts assembling pieces, their mind is learning to see and imagine, three dimensionally. Prepackaged sets help kids learn to see and follow directions, while independent pieces allow for more creative assemblages. Provide a balance of both.
  2. Drawing and Coloring – Crayons, markers and sketchpads provide endless opportunity for time spent in quiet reflective thought. Be sure to stock up on lots of different drawing and coloring supplies for your child. A package of copy machine paper and set of washable markers, is a low cost investment with a high return.