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Brilliant Arts

Developing Brilliance Through the Arts

I was an art kid. An art student. An artist. An art teacher and a businesswoman.

My involvement in the arts as a child, a parent, participant and teacher, have built a certainty and passion in me about the arts and how essential they are to living a rich full life. I have also spent my career working with children 3 to 12 years old, teaching them to draw, and building a business, Young Rembrandts, to bring our art classes to children worldwide.

My own four children were also very interested and active in the arts growing up; playing music, singing in choirs, acting in theater productions, dancing, drawing, painting, anything and everything. Through their experiences, I was affirmed again and again that the arts do indeed make ones life rich, textured and full of opportunities that only the arts provide.

This certainty of what the arts bring to one’s life, along with my love of children led me to start Brilliant Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and supporting arts programs for children. Brilliant Arts was founded on the premise that participating in the arts can significantly impact the development of neural and cognitive learning skills.

Through my blog, BetteFetter.com, and my podcast, Bette Fetter: Living Life as a Visual Thinker, I am committed to educating and sharing the good news on what it means to be a visual thinker, but also what it means to live a life immersed in the arts. Brilliant Arts is an opportunity for us to make that real by supporting and bringing arts programs to children and schools who need help.

Right now, Brilliant Arts is a fledgling organization. But, as its Executive Director, I am committed to growing so we can bring quality arts programs to hundreds of thousands of children worldwide and change the course of history.