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As the founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts, I have spoken as a business leader and a coach. After Being Visual was published, I’ve really enjoyed speaking more to people about their kids and education and what it takes to be successful.

Many of today’s children are getting lost in school districts that are focused on left-brain learning and exhaustive testing. Our visual kids are often overlooked, underachieving and misunderstood. When I speak, I share insights on how visual learners see and think, along with tips and tools to make them successful in the classroom. I love speaking to parent groups because I’ve found that when a parent understands what their child needs, they’ll move mountains to make it happen.

I have been blessed to have been invited to speak with parents in many different arenas and many have shared that understanding has created dramatic improvements in school and in their relationships. Instead of blaming kids for underachieving or struggling to keep them afloat in school, parents learn communicate and teach their child the way they learn best.



Some of my most requested topic are:

  • Understand Your Child’s Learning Style
    Learn what’s holding your child back and get the tools you need to make them successful.
  • Tips and Tools for Your Visual Learner
    Let’s stop blaming kids for being bored and underachieving and make learning work for them.
  • The Value of Arts on Your Child’s Mind
    Find out why participating in the arts improves a child’s performance in the classroom.
  • Is it a Disability or a Learning Style?
    ADD, dyslexia and autism; your child’s connection to visual learning.