Charlotte’s Web – Audiobooks for Summer

This week I found an absolute treasure I didn’t know existed. It is so revolutionary – so remarkable – has such profound possibilities – I can hardly stand it. It is so perfect for visual learners and open up whole new realms of possibility for them. left I was at the library cruising the shelves for new books to keep our grandson reading this summer and grew overwhelmed by the volume of titles. So I found the librarian and asked for help finding the right “early readers”. Along with early readers I found a few books my daughter wanted to read with him and I really wanted to find a few audio books so he could do his own reading – by listening. Listening to books can make reading fun, especially for kids that may struggle with language or have trouble sitting still. They allow kids to ‘read’ books beyond their current level, which helps them want to keep reading. Audio books also let kids kick back, enjoy the story and let their imaginations run free.